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Better Azure content, programs & services through applied data science

Lisa Cohen joins Scott Hanselman to explain how Microsoft uses data science to help Azure customers. Learn about content, programs, and services to guide you on your cloud journey while getting a glimpse behind the scenes into how data drives ... continue reading

Run your VMware workloads natively on Azure with Azure VMware Solution

Azure VMware Solution delivers a VMware environment as a service, which enables you to run native VMware workloads on Azure. Shannon Kuehn shows Scott Hanselman the seamless experience to migrate VMs directly from on-premises to Azure.[0:00:23]– Introduction[0:01:44]– Background[0:04:10]– Architecture[0:05:18]– Demo[0:15:02]– ... continue reading

Azure Data Factory update: governance, data flow startup, and CI/CD

Wee Hyong Tok joins Scott Hanselman to provide an Azure Data Factory update with several members of the Azure Data Factory engineering team.[0:00:22]– Intro[0:02:48]– Using Azure Data Factory and Azure Purview for data governance and data integration (Linda Wang)[0:16:37]– Fast ... continue reading

Real-time streaming now faster, easier with Confluent Cloud on Azure

Ramya Oruganti shows Scott Hanselman how much faster and easier it is to provision Confluent Cloud resources directly from Azure. Ramya also shows a real-time search use case demo that leverages Azure Database for MySQL, RediSearch, Azure Spring Cloud, and ... continue reading

Retro Game Translation with Azure Cognitive Services and IoT Edge

Paul DeCarlo shows Scott Hanselman how Azure IoT Edge enables you to deploy cloud intelligence locally on edge devices. By moving certain workloads to the edge of your network, your devices spend less time communicating with the cloud, can react ... continue reading

Simplify moving resources between regions with Azure Resource Mover

Sujay Talasila joins Scott Hanselman to discuss various scenarios and benefits of Azure Resource Mover for moving your resources across regions using a seamless unified experience.[0:00:00]– Introduction[0:02:35]– Demo: Moving resources across regions[0:11:46]– Demo: Change configuration during move[0:15:57]– Discussion[0:18:00]– Wrap-upAzure Resource ... continue reading

Optimizing your storage costs with Azure Blob Storage

Klaas Langhout shows Scott Hanselman how to use Azure Blob Storage for a variety of cloud workloads while optimizing costs related to controlling capacity and tier, Premium tier for transaction cost savings, choosing the right redundancy, and routing preference.[0:00:00]– Introduction[0:00:52]– ... continue reading

Get a unified network monitoring experience with Network Insights

Using Networks Insights to view health, metrics, alerts, and signals from all network monitoring tools in one place, Dalan Mendonca shows Scott Hanselman that there's no need to scramble across tools to troubleshoot your network issues in Azure.[0:00:00]– Intro to ... continue reading

Diagnose and solve problems with Azure API Management Diagnostics

Khaled Zayed joins Scott Hanselman to show how to troubleshoot availability, performance, and policy issues in your API Management service using API Management Diagnostics.[0:00:00]– Introduction[0:03:43]– Demo: Troubleshooting Availability and Performance[0:07:49]– Demo: Troubleshooting Gateway Performance[0:11:59]– Demo: Troubleshooting API Policies[0:13:54]– Wrap-upAzure API ... continue reading

Building a balancing robot with Azure Sphere

Mike Hall shows Scott Hanselman how his team built a self-balancing robot using Azure Sphere and Azure RTOS that can be controlled and updated remotely from Azure IoT Central. In addition, the robot supports deferred updates for the OS and ... continue reading