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Improved branch office support for shielded VMs in Windows Server, version 1709

Companies with large branch offices often must make a tradeoff between user experience and security. To increase employee productivity, it may make sense to deploy replicas of certain applications like Active Directory Domain Controllers or file servers in a branch ... continue reading

Frequently Asked Questions About HGS Certificates

The Host Guardian Service uses public key cryptography extensively to protect shielded VMs from attackers. Any time certificates with public-private key pairs come into play, there are bound to be many questions about how to properly set up and protect ... continue reading

Delivering Safer Apps with Windows Server 2016 and Docker Enterprise Edition

Windows Server 2016 and Docker Enterprise Edition are revolutionizing the way Windows developers can create, deploy, and manage their applications on-premises and in the cloud. Microsoft and Docker are committed to providing secure containerization technologies and enabling developers to implement ... continue reading

Leverage PowerShell Just Enough Administration for your Helpdesk

[Today’s guest post was authored by Dan Cuomo based on a real-world application of JEA] Hi Folks — Platforms PFE Dan Cuomo here to talk about one method to enable the use of Just Enough Administration for your helpdesk administrators ... continue reading

Shielded VMs: A conceptual review of the components and steps necessary to deploy a guarded fabric

[This post was authored by Dean Wells, Principal Program Manager on the Windows Server team] If you’re anything like me, you probably find it immensely helpful having an end-to-end conceptual view of what you’re doing before actually doing it–that’s the ... continue reading

Step by Step: Creating a JEA endpoint for DNS management

Just Enough Administration (JEA) provides a way for administrators to delegate certain admin tasks to non-administrators using PowerShell. Unlike some of the other built-in delegation solutions in Windows, JEA is not tied to a particular product or service. You can ... continue reading