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Assembly load conflict error message.

Resolving PowerShell Module Assembly Dependency Conflicts

When writing a PowerShell module, especially a binary module (i.e. one written in a language like C# and loaded into PowerShell as an assembly/DLL), it’s natural to take dependencies on other packages or libraries to provide functionality. Taking dependencies on ... continue reading

Depending on the right PowerShell NuGet package in your .NET project

Alongside the pwsh executable packages published with each PowerShell release, the PowerShell team also maintain several NuGet packages that are available on NuGet to allow targeting PowerShell as an API platform in .NET. As a .NET application that both provides ... continue reading
Image of PSScriptAnalyzer linting in VSCode with green squigglies

Using PSScriptAnalyzer to check PowerShell version compatibility

PSScriptAnalyzer version 1.18 was released recently, and ships with powerful new rules that can check PowerShell scripts for incompatibilities with other PowerShell versions and environments. In this blog post, the first in a series, we’ll see how to use these ... continue reading