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10 Reasons to Love Passwordless #10: Never use a password

In this series, Microsoft identity team members share their reasons for loving passwordless authentication (and why you should too!). Pamela Dingle closes the series with a post about the tighter security of passwordless authentication. Here we are at the last ... continue reading

10 Reasons to love Passwordless #1: FIDO Rocks

Over the next few weeks, the Microsoft Identity team will share 10 reasons to love passwordless and why you should consider changing how you (and your users) login every day. Kicking off the series is Pamela Dingle. I love passwordless ... continue reading

Inside Identity: Moving to a passwordless world with the FIDO Alliance

We’ve been living with passwords for so long that it can be hard to imagine a world without them, but that is what Microsoft and other members of the FIDO (Fast Identity Online) Alliance are working toward. The FIDO Alliance ... continue reading