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Troubleshooting problems related to Azure AD authentication with Azure SQL DB and DW

When working with Azure AD authentication for Azure SQL DB and DW, you may sometimes encounter certain issues. The table below contains some of the Azure AD authentication problems that may appear when accessing SQL DB/DW, as well as how ... continue reading

T-SQL DDL support for Windows users migration from SQL Server databases to SQL Managed Instance

We are happy to announce a public preview for T-SQL DDL support for Windows domain users migration from SQL Server on-premises databases to SQL managed instance (MI) with Azure AD authentication. The migration process for databases from SQL Server on-premises ... continue reading

Enabling communication traces in C# application for Azure AD authentication with SQL DB using token-based mechanism with Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

First published on MSDN on Aug 29, 2017 SQL server security team presents a code sample ( as VS project) allowing to enable communication traces for ADAL managed library used to support Universal Authentication with MFA for SQL DB ( ... continue reading

Token-based authentication including Multi-factor auth (MFA) for Azure SQL DB using Azure Active Directory (AD)

First published on MSDN on Aug 18, 2017 SQL server security team presents an application solution for token-based authentication with multi-factor (MFA) support for SQL DB using Azure AD auth. The zip file attached below with the codes sample and ... continue reading

Azure AD Service Principal authentication to SQL DB – Code Sample

The following application provides an example of using Azure AD Service Principal (SP) to authenticate and connect to Azure SQL database. This application measures the time it takes to obtain an access token, total time it takes to establish a ... continue reading