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Explore Ignite sessions on Windows Server and the Hybrid Cloud

Attention Windows Server customers! Are you running in a hybrid cloud model today? Is it one of your priorities for the coming year? Windows Server has a ton of great new hybrid innovations coming your way. To learn more, check ... continue reading

Application Modernization is a journey

This blog post was authored by Shawn Gibbs, Senior Program Manager, WSSC. Ive recently been working with many customers who find themselves at a crossroads when it comes to legacy applications. They have several hundred or thousands of applications running ... continue reading

Try Cloud Essentials: A free hands-on resource from Microsoft

Find out how Microsoft Cloud Essentials can help you get the necessary experience, training, and support to make your journey to the cloud successful. Everything you need is in one place, and its free to join. Your cloud transition is ... continue reading

FREE WEBINAR: Three ways to migrate to a hybrid-cloud environment (with demos!)

This blog post was authored by Jeff Woolsey, Principal PM, Windows Server. The path to hybrid cloud is paved with good intentions. But its easy to get off-track if you dont begin by making some important decisions about existing applications ... continue reading

Five keys to a more consistent, cost-effective enterprise cloud

IT professionals frequently tell us that their biggest challenge is getting more bang for the buck. Between maximizing development and operational capabilities with existing resources, maintaining or reducing costs, and preserving data security, making decisions about IT can feel like ... continue reading

Millennials are blazing a trail to hybrid cloud

Innovate. Automate. Make it smart. Get to market fast. Its an exciting time for enterprise, but its also one of those be careful what you wish for moments. Ease of access to software as a service (SaaS), machine intelligence, and ... continue reading

Integrated management and security across your hybrid cloud

Do you have a truly end-to-end view of your hybrid cloud environment? Most environments today are complex, with multi-tier applications that may span multiple datacenters and cloud hosting environments. In fact, the reality is that for most companies, complexity is ... continue reading

Consistency is the cure for Hybrid Cloud complexity

This post was authored by Julia White, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Cloud Platform. Odds are youve got a hybrid cloud strategy and have already started implementing this approach. Thats just one of the findings in our brand-new 2017 State of ... continue reading

Bridge gap between app and infra with Azure management and security updates

Silos within organizations arent new, and they arent a new source of issues. As IT groups today work to eliminate bottlenecks and increase speed, one important area to consider is simplifying the connections between teams. The tools you use to ... continue reading