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Tools and commands for running SQL Server 2019 on Linux

Organizations that embraced the option to run Microsoft SQL Server 2017 on Linux have been looking forward to the release of SQL Server 2019. Regardless of which operating system (OS) you choose, it's the same SQL Server database code, and ... continue reading
What’s new with SQL Server 2019 Linux features

What’s new with SQL Server 2019 Linux features

With SQL Server 2017, Microsoft entered the world of multi-OS platform support for SQL Server. For many technical professionals, the ability to run SQL Server on the same open source operating system as the rest of the application stack is ... continue reading

DBAs: It’s time to get up to speed with Azure

The summer solstice has passed, and DBAs are still asking how to get up to speed with Azure. Im even speaking at events on how to take advantage of Azure to do migrations to the cloud! Many Ive spoken to ... continue reading

The Cloud Database Administrator—Tech success at scale

As a database administrator (DBA), Ive always known what the role involved. Developers swing by my desk requesting a new database, a data refresh, or help with challenges theyre facing. They sometimes get frustrated with me when their database or ... continue reading