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How to Switch a Failover Cluster to a New Domain

In this blog I will describe some new capabilities in Windows Server, version 1709 that enables changing a deployed Failover Cluster from one domain to another. For the last two decades, changing the domain membership of a Failover Cluster has ... continue reading

CROSSPOST: New Server Management Tool: Project Name “Honolulu”

This is a cross post from my blog to help increase visibility of a new tool that is coming. I wanted to drop a note to mention that we have a new Server Management Tool that has been being worked ... continue reading

Deploy Windows from USB drive to Surface Studio

Hi, my name is Scott McArthur and I am Supportability Program Manager in Surface. Today I am going discuss two scenarios involving deploying Windows 10 to Surface Studio. Today if you don’t follow the steps outlined below you will see ... continue reading

Deploy Surface Studio using MDT

Hi, my name is Scott McArthur and I am Supportability Program Manager in Surface. Today I am going to walk through deploying Windows 10 Enterprise Version 1703(Creators Update) to a Surface Studio using Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 8443. Microsoft Deployment Toolkit ... continue reading

Hyper-V authentication in Windows Server 2016 for managing remote Hyper-V servers through RSAT

Hello, my name is Ayushie Bhat and I’m a Support Engineer with the Windows Core team. Today, I’m going to talk about the authentication in Windows Server 2016 and discuss the case of creating a VM on a CORE server ... continue reading

Uninstalling and reinstalling the Windows 2012R2 Failover Clustering feature

In some cases, it may be necessary to uninstall and reinstall the Windows Failover Clustering feature on a server that is currently a member of a Failover Cluster.  This can be done via either Server Manager, or PowerShell.  Below are ... continue reading

If you are still running Windows Server 2016 TP5…

John Marlin here again. I know it’s been a while, but it’s time to resurface. In my dealings with a lot of Beta and TAP Customers, there are still some that still are on Windows Server 2016 TP5. I am ... continue reading