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HDInsight tools for Visual Studio Code: simplifying cluster and Spark job configuration management

We are happy to announce that HDInsight Tools for Visual Studio Code (VS Code) now leverage VS Code built-in user settings and workspace settings to manage HDInsight clusters and Spark job submissions. With this feature, you can manage your linked ... continue reading

HDInsight Tools for VSCode: Integrations with Azure Account and HDInsight Explorer

Making it easy for developers to get started on coding has always been our top priority. We are happy to announce that HDInsight Tools for VS Code now integrates with VS Code Azure Account. This new feature makes your Azure ... continue reading
Spark Job Graph - Progress

Powerful Debugging Tools for Spark for Azure HDInsight

Microsoft runs one of the largest big data cluster in the world – internally called “Cosmos”. This runs millions of jobs across hundreds of thousands of servers over multiple Exabytes of data. Being able to run and manage jobs of ... continue reading