NCSI Change Notification

James Kehr from the Windows networking support team here with a public notification. There is a service in Windows called the Network Connectivity Status Indicator, or NCSI for short. Please do not mistake this for NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service). NCSI is the Windows operating system service that determines whether your computer is connected to […]

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mDNS in the Enterprise

James Kehr here with the Windows networking support team. This article covers details about mDNS and recommended best practices when trying to control the protocol designed to make life easier. Starting with Windows 10 1703 Microsoft has included native support for multicast DNS, or mDNS. The protocol was developed by Apple, via RFC 6762 and

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What's QUIC?

James Kehr here with the Windows Networking Escalation Engineering team. Today’s topic is the newly published QUIC protocol. This is a quick discussion, all puns intended, about why QUIC is important to the modern internet. Back in the old days, about the mid-1990’s, when the Internet was new and the Wild Wild Web was a

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SMB and Null Sessions: Why Your Pen Test is Probably Wrong

Hi everyone, James Kehr here with a guest post. One of the SMB cases we get regularly at Microsoft Support is, “my pen test says you allow Null sessions!” Followed by a string of CVE numbers; like, CVE-1999-0519 and CVE-1999-0520. Which can sometimes lead to, “Why hasn’t Microsoft fixed this? It’s been 20 years!” This

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