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Azure API for FHIR enables health organizations to deliver CMS Patient Access and Provider Directory APIs

On July 1, 2021, new requirements from the US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) begin that require regulated payers to enable new Patient Access and Provider Directory APIs. While this change may be happening without a lot of ... continue reading

Data agility and open standards in health: FHIR fueling interoperability in Azure

Data agility in healthcare; it sounds fantastic, but there are few data ecosystems as sophisticated and complex as healthcare. The path to data agility can often be elusive. Leaders in health are prioritizing and demanding cloud technology that works on ... continue reading
Azure Resource Manager template for deploying the FHIR server wirh a SQL persistence provider

Microsoft FHIR Server for Azure extends to SQL

This blog post was co-authored by Doug Seven, Senior Director, Microsoft Health Engineering and Michael Hansen, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Health Engineering. Since the launch of the open source FHIR Server for Azure on GitHub last November, we have been ... continue reading

Lighting up healthcare data with FHIR®: Announcing the Azure API for FHIR

In the last several years we’ve seen fundamental transformation in healthcare data management, but the biggest, and perhaps most important shift, has been in how healthcare organizations think about cloud technology and their most sensitive health data. Healthcare leaders have ... continue reading