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Failover Clustering Sets for Start Ordering

In a private cloud there may be multi-tier applications which are deployed across a set of virtual machines. Such as a database running in one VM, and an application leveraging that database running in another VM. It may be desired ... continue reading

NetFT Virtual Adapter Performance Filter

In this blog I will discuss what the NetFT Virtual Adapter Performance Filter is and the scenarios when you should or should not enable it. The Microsoft Failover Cluster Virtual Adapter (NetFT) is a virtual adapter used by the Failover ... continue reading

Speeding Up Failover Tips-n-Tricks

From time-to-time people ask me for suggestions on what tweaks they can do to make Windows server Failover Cluster failover faster. In this blog I’ll discuss a few tips-n-tricks. Disable NetBIOS over TCP/IP – Unless you need legacy OS compatibility, ... continue reading