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Secrets from the Deep – The DNS Analytical Log – Part 2

Hi Team, Eric Jansen here again, this time to add on to Joel Vickery's previous post discussing how to view the DNS Analytic Logs without having to disable them. It's a great read if you haven't already seen it…. however, ... continue reading

Secrets from the Deep – The DNS Analytical Log – Part 1

Hi Team, it's Eric Jansen again, here in part one of a series of discussions revolving around the extremely exciting topic of the DNS Analytical Log. Alright, maybe it's not that exciting, so crack open your favorite energy drink and ... continue reading

Why Is It So Ridiculously Slow To Remove My Query Resolution Policies!?

Hi Team, Eric Jansen here - I'm a Platforms Customer Engineer with some interesting scenarios that I'll be sharing over the coming months, mostly revolving around the topic of On-Premises DNS. Today's topic will be a very specific scenario regarding ... continue reading