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TodoMVC Full Stack with Azure Static WebApps, Node and Azure SQL #beginners #node #sql #serverless

TodoMVC is a very well known (like ~27K GitHub stars known) application among developers as it is a really great way to start to learn a new Model-View-Something framework. It has plenty of samples done with different frameworks, all implementing exactly ... continue reading
Sync Mobile Apps and Azure using Change Tracking API-1.PNG

Sync Mobile Apps with Azure using Change Tracking API

If you are creating a mobile app that will work sending data back and forth from the cloud (I guess that 99% of the apps fall into this use case), you will have at some point the need to sync ... continue reading

10K Request per Second: REST API with Azure SQL, Dapper and JSON

In the previous article I described how easy is to create a REST API with Python and Azure SQL. But what about .NET? Would that be as easy as well? Absolutely yes: the native support to JSON offered by Azure ... continue reading

Autoscaling Azure SQL Hyperscale

Azure SQL Hyperscale is the latest architectural evolution of Azure SQL, that has been natively designed to take advantage of the cloud. One of the main key features of this new architecture is the complete separation of Compute Nodes and ... continue reading

Building REST API with Python, Flask and Azure SQL

I mentioned in my previous article that having native JSON support in Azure SQL it’s a game changer as it profoundly change the way a developer can interact with a relational database, bringing the simplicity and the flexibility needed in ... continue reading
10 Reasons why Azure SQL is the best database for developers - Picture.png

10 Reasons why Azure SQL is the Best Database for Developers

Azure SQL is the relational and post-relational database that I’d like to say has “batteries included”. I borrowed that term from Python, one of my preferred languages, and that’s also the main reason why it is a great database for ... continue reading