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Application Performance Monitoring and Availability Monitoring

This session on Application Performance Monitoring demonstrates and discusses the benefits of having visibility into key metrics about your applications, as well as alerts and logging about their health. It also covers the Availability Monitoring practice.[03:18] Introduction to Application Performance ... continue reading

Continuous Integration

This session on Continuous Integration demonstrates and discusses the benefits of merging all working copies of developers' code with a shared mainline, producing a new build upon code check-in.[02:24] Introduction to Continuous Integration[06:42] Demo - Fastest Continuous Integration demo ever[08:06] ... continue reading
Introduction to DevOps

Introduction to DevOps

It is a challenge to describe the DevOps culture, but at a high level it involves people, processes, and products (in this order). It requires development, testing, operations, business, and other teams to work together, efficiently, to deliver better and ... continue reading