David Schott

L2bridge Container Networking

Overview Containers attached to a l2bridge network will be directly connected to the physical network through an external Hyper-V switch. L2bridge networks can be configured with the same IP subnet as the container host, with IPs from the physical network assigned statically. L2bridge networks can also be configured using a custom IP subnet through a HNS host […]

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Troubleshooting Kubernetes Networking on Windows: Part 1

We’ve all been there: Sometimes things just don’t work the way they should even though we followed everything down to a T. Kubernetes in particular, is not easy to troubleshoot – even if you’re an expert. There are multiple components involved in the creation/deletion of containers that must all harmoniously interoperate end-to-end. For example: Inbox platform services (e.g. WinNAT, HNS/HCS, VFP) Container runtimes & Go-wrappers (e.g. Dockershim, ContainerD, hcsshim)  Container orchestrator

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