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A graphic showing the system that NextGate's Enterprise Master Patient Index uses to create and mantain patient records.

Solving the problem of duplicate records in healthcare

As the U.S. healthcare system continues to transition away from paper to more a digitized ecosystem, the ability to link all of an individual’s medical data together correctly becomes increasingly challenging. Patients move, marry, divorce, change names and visit multiple ... continue reading
Diagram displaying context-driven information extraction

Using natural language processing to manage healthcare records

The next time you see your physician, consider the times you fill in a paper form. It may seem trivial, but the information could be crucial to making a better diagnosis. Now consider the other forms of healthcare data that ... continue reading
Infographic for Clinical Kowledge Manager (CKM)

Empowering clinicians with mobile health data: Right information, right place, right time

Improving patient outcomes and reducing healthcare costs depends on healthcare providers such as doctors, nurses, and specialized clinician ability to access a wide range of data at the point of patient care in the form of health records, lab results, ... continue reading