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Improving Productivity With Devops And Microsoft Teams

Find out how to integrate Microsoft Teams and Azure DevOps to stay up to date as well as complete your workflows right in the ambience of Teams.Jump To: [04:31] Demo Start Learn More: Workplace Messaging AppsDevOps Lab Favorite Links: Create ... continue reading

Integrating with Azure DevOps and DAS Deployer!

Damian sits down with Martin Woodward at Microsoft Ignite 2019 to talk about interoperability with Azure DevOps in the coolest way possible. The DAS Deployer is a fun project using a Raspberry Pi, some Python, and the Azure DevOps REST ... continue reading

Working with Azure DevOps using the Azure DevOps CLI

In this episode, Damian speaks to George Verghese from the Azure DevOps team about the new Azure DevOps CLI. There are several ways to work with Azure DevOps, and if your goal is automation, the CLI should definitely be in ... continue reading

Using GitHub Actions to Deploy to Azure

Damian sits down with Product Manager Gopinath Chigakkagari to talk about deploying to Azure using GitHub Actions.Did you know the Azure Pipelines team is responsible not just for Azure Pipelines but for any deployment pipeline to Azure? This includes many ... continue reading

Verifying your Database Deployment with Azure DevOps

While at Microsoft Ignite | The Tour in Berlin, Damian speaks to Microsoft MVP Houssem Dellai about some options for deploying your database alongside your application.Houssem shows a few different ways to deploy database changes, including a clever pre-production verification ... continue reading

Running your First Docker Container in Azure

Damian catches up with fellow Cloud Advocate Jay Gordon at Microsoft Ignite | The Tour in Berlin. Containers are still new for a lot of people and with the huge list of buzzwords, it's hard to know where to get ... continue reading

Using Azure Pipelines for your Open Source Project

Damian speaks to Edward Thomson about how to get started with Azure Pipelines - right from GitHub. The deep integration and GitHub Marketplace app for Azure Pipelines makes it incredibly easy to build your projects no matter what language you're ... continue reading

Azure Automation Runbooks with PowerShell

Damian chats to MVP Thomas Rayner about Azure Automation Runbooks. You don't always need to jump into the portal to get things done in Azure. In this episode, Thomas walks us through how to configure and execute PowerShell inside Azure ... continue reading

Improving Performance for with Troy Hunt

Damian sits down with fellow Aussie and Microsoft Regional Director Troy Hunt to talk about dramatically improving performance for his new Pwned Passwords offering.Troy runs a popular high traffic site - - so amazing performance is a must, even ... continue reading