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Demystifying ARM Templates: Parameters

In the previous episode we learn how to create resources using an Azure Resources Manager (ARM) template. However, it's was all static and defined inside the template. In this tutorial you will learn how to use parameters to make your ... continue reading

Demystifying ARM Templates: Creating Your First Template

Now it's time to code. This session will introduce Visual Studio Code tools and show you how to create your first template from snippet, and how to deploy it. Learn More: Code SamplesAzure Resource Manager (ARM) ToolsDevOps Lab Favorite Links: ... continue reading

Demystifying ARM Templates: Intro to ARM Templates

ARM (Azure Resource Manager) Templates are the native infrastructure as code solution for provisioning Azure Resources. Learn what ARM Templates are and why they are the best way to manage your Azure resources declaratively.Jump To:[00:50]: Why ARM Templates?[01:45]: What is ... continue reading

Easily Track Where Your Work Item Has Been Deployed With The New Deployments Control

Sean Ferguson joins Abel Wang to chat about a new added Deployment control that integrates work items with Releases. With this control, you can track where and when your completed work item is being deployed. All from the work itself.Jump ... continue reading

Zero Downtime Deployments with Azure PaaS

How can I deploy my applications to Azure Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) like Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) without having any downtime? How can I automate this, and how can I ensure my customers won't notice changes are happening? In this interview, you ... continue reading

A Software Engineer’s Guide to DevOps

In this episode, Damien sits down with Laurie Barth to talk about Getting comfortable with DevOps as a developer. Software Engineers don't always understand how they fit into the DevOps pipeline and they should! Understanding the technologies and concepts at ... continue reading

Growing an Effective QA Practice

In this episode, Damien sits down with Alison Hawke, QA practice lead, World Wide Technology, to talk about how changing the way your team does testing can improve your software, and make your lives more fun. With bonus eavesdropping, apprentices, ... continue reading

Terraform State File – Secure and scale your deployments

In this episode, Abel sits down again with April Edwards to talk about Terraform state files. Keeping track of what an environment should and does look like can be a challenge, particularly when it comes to scalability. State files are ... continue reading

Doing DevOps with SAP

In this episode, Abel Wang chats down with Ram and Gopal about how you can do DevOps into SAP - a traditionally difficult task.SAP developers have unique challenges beyond what we find with other software development. Continuous integration and delivery ... continue reading

Deploying to on-premises Windows machines with Azure DevOps – Part 3

In this series, Abel and Zachary Deptawa walk through deploying to on premises Windows servers behind firewalls using Azure DevOps.In part 3, we bring it all together. We've shown you how to set up a .Net Build and custom Deployment ... continue reading