Azure REST API through Logic App

As you mature in your cloud journey you may start to be intrigued by the Azure REST API. I feel like sometimes our answer to almost anything is “we could do that through the REST API.” This is a true statement but when we are talking to Infrastructure Engineers a REST API solution might be intimidating. What I want to do in …

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New Resource Reporting

Intro One of the common ask I get from customers is to alert on new resources when they are created. I typically hesitate to alert every time a single resource is created because I think the better approach is to generate a report of new resource on a schedule. So, for this blog I want to walk you through utilizing Azure Logic Apps …

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Detecting Azure Cost Anomalies

Brad Watts here to talk about a solution that I’ve implemented with several organizations in my role as a CSA. Azure Cost Management is a powerful way to visualize and report on your Azure spend but it doesn’t currently give you the ability to detect when you have cost anomalies. Below we will walk through how to load …

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