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Exploring Anomalies with Log Analytics using KQL

Detecting anomalies in your data can be a very powerful and desired functionality. Within Azure Monitor we provide a really easy method to alert on Anomalies if they are coming from Metrics (Creating Alerts with Dynamic Thresholds in Azure Monitor ... continue reading

Azure REST API through Logic App

As you mature in your cloud journey you may start to be intrigued by the Azure REST API. I feel like sometimes our answer to almost anything is “we could do that through the REST API.” This is a true ... continue reading

New Resource Reporting

Intro One of the common ask I get from customers is to alert on new resources when they are created. I typically hesitate to alert every time a single resource is created because I think the better approach is to ... continue reading

Network Security Group Monitoring

Intro Brad Watts here to explore monitoring of your Network Security Groups (NSGs). I was approached recently by a customer wanting to better understand changes being made to the many NSGs in their environment. Working with them, we came up ... continue reading

Dynamic ARM Templates with Copy Variable

Intro Brad Watts here to talk about how we can elevate our ARM Templates to the next level using the “copy” option within our variables. When you’re starting your journey on building ARM Templates we make them more dynamic by ... continue reading

Detecting Azure Cost Anomalies

Brad Watts here to talk about a solution that I’ve implemented with several organizations in my role as a CSA. Azure Cost Management is a powerful way to visualize and report on your Azure spend but it doesn’t currently give ... continue reading

Monitoring for Azure Subscription Creation

Introduction A common ask from enterprise customers is the ability to monitor for the creation of Azure Subscriptions. This is not as easy as you might think so I wanted to walk you through a solution I’ve used to accomplish ... continue reading