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Azure Monitor – OMI Vulnerabilities Rapid Check Workbook

Hi folks, As you have heard for sure, Microsoft found, and released fixes for, serious vulnerabilities, which allow for Elevation of Privilege (EoP) and unauthenticated Remote Code Execution (RCE) attacks in the Open Management Infrastructure (OMI). These vulnerabilities are deeply ... continue reading

Azure Arc: – How To Update Arc Agent Using Azure Automation

Hi there , in my previous post named Maintain Your Microsoft Monitoring Agent Up To Date With Azure Automation, I discussed a possible method for updating the Microsoft Monitoring Agent (MMA) at scale. Today I would like to talk to ... continue reading

Azure Kubernetes Services – Start & Stop Your AKS Cluster on Schedule using Azure Automation

Hi everybody, here I am again to show you a possible way to start and stop your AKS cluster on schedule. This could be something important if you’re aiming at saving money and are in the middle of a Microsoft ... continue reading

Azure Monitor – Restrict Log Analytics Query Results to Business Days and Business Hours

Hello readers, Today I am back with another post to discuss one of the common needs that customers have: retrieving data in a given business interval. The interval could one or more days, one or more hours as well as ... continue reading

Azure Monitor – Alert notification via Teams

Hi there, Bruno Gabrielli here again to talk about how to get alert notification using a Teams channel. I apologize because this s is going to be a long post with all the steps to achieve the notification goals, so ... continue reading

Set Your Alert State Using Azure Automation

Hello blog readers One of recurring questions during my customer engagements on Azure Monitor is: how do I set alert state to either Acknowledged or Closed with no manual intervention? This question is broader and deeper than it appears. In ... continue reading

Managing Hybrid Runbook Worker At Scale

Hello readers , The Azure Automation question of today is: how can we manage (registration or de-registration) the Hybrid Runbook Workers (HRW) at scale? In this automated world, it is fool to think that we need to go each computer ... continue reading

Making Azure Data Explorer Queries More Efficient – Part 2

Hello readers, Bruno Gabrielli here again and today I want to welcome you on the Making Azure Data Explorer Queries More Efficient – Part 2. In Making Log Analytics Queries More Efficient – Part 1 I started discussing about one ... continue reading

Maintain Your Microsoft Monitoring Agent Up To Date With Azure Automation

Hi there . Today, I am here again, to present one of the possible solutions to keep the Microsoft Monitoring Agent (MMA) installed on your virtual machine up to date with roughly 0 effort. The reason why I started playing ... continue reading

How To Flush Microsoft Monitoring Agent Cache Using Azure Automation

Greetings from Bruno  The question of the day is how can we make sure our Log Analytics agent (aka Microsoft Monitoring Agent (MMA)) is always working properly to include an up to date configuration? Have you ever experienced a situation ... continue reading