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Getting VM Memory Usage and Demand Programmatically

A couple of people have recently asked me how to get virtual machine memory usage and memory demand programmatically.  What I am referring to is the information that we display here in Hyper-V Manager: I have blogged about this in ... continue reading

Using Hyper-V Resource Pools to ease migration between different configurations

Today I was asked about the following configuration: A user has a stretched Hyper-V cluster running between two datacenters. This stretched cluster is sitting on top of replicated storage. However, the storage appears in a different location on either side ... continue reading

Bulk changing virtual hard disk path

I received this in email today: “I have XCOPY’d a bunch of VHDX files from one volume to another on WS2016. What’s the easiest / fastest way to fix up the paths for the VM’s???” The answer to this is ... continue reading