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Getting VM Memory Usage and Demand Programmatically

A couple of people have recently asked me how to get virtual machine memory usage and memory demand programmatically.  What I am referring to is the information that we display here in Hyper-V Manager: I have blogged about this in ... continue reading

Using Hyper-V Resource Pools to ease migration between different configurations

Today I was asked about the following configuration: A user has a stretched Hyper-V cluster running between two datacenters. This stretched cluster is sitting on top of replicated storage. However, the storage appears in a different location on either side ... continue reading

Performance Tuning Windows Server 2016

While we were working on developing Windows Server 2016 – we had a team dedicated to testing the many aspects of the performance of Windows. We rely heavily on this team to make sure that we are continuously improving our ... continue reading

Editing a .VMCX file

In Windows Server 2016 we moved from using .XML for our virtual machine configuration files to using a binary format – that we call .VMCX. There are many benefits to this – but one of the downsides is that it ... continue reading

New Hypervisor Top-Level Functional Specification

At the end of last week we published version 5.0 of the Hypervisor Top Level Functional Specification. This version details the state of the hypervisor in Windows Server 2016. You can download it from here: Be warned – this ... continue reading

Giving a Workgroup Server an FQDN

Recently I needed to be able to securely, remotely manage a set of Windows Servers that were not domain joined. One problem that I hit while setting this up was that each of the servers did not believe that they ... continue reading

Hyper-V vs. KVM for OpenStack performance

During the development of Windows Server 2016 we spent a lot of time working on delivering the best core performance as a cloud platform. At the same time the Cloudbase team have spent a lot of time optimizing the performance ... continue reading