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The “Create policy” screen in the Azure portal for an Azure AD access package, showing the lifecycle tab in which quarterly reviewing access reviews are required.

Best practices to simplify governing employee access across your applications, groups and teams

In the modern workforce, the emergence of hybrid cloud deployments and collaborative applications make it easy for employees to share information, data, and files with other internal as well as external users, helping them collaborate easily with vendors, business partners, ... continue reading

Protect your accounts with smarter ways to sign in on World Passwordless Day.

For many of us, working from home will be a new norm for the foreseeable future. We see many opportunities for using passwordless methods to better secure digital accounts that people rely on every day. Whether you’re protecting an organization ... continue reading

Zero Trust Assessment tool now live!

With such a large influx of employees working remotely, many of the traditional network-based security controls are unable to protect the organization. For many organizations, there are two options: route all remote traffic through a strained legacy network architecture, resulting ... continue reading

Secure access to all apps for your remote workforce

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations are turning to technology to help a remote workforce stay connected and productive. If you’re like most organizations, your employees use a lot of apps, from popular software-as-a-service (SaaS) apps—including collaboration services like ... continue reading

Assessing your Zero Trust readiness with the Microsoft Maturity Model

The traditional firewall (VPN security model) assumed you could establish a strong perimeter and then trust that activities within that perimeter were “safe.” As we digitally transform our companies, we need to transform our security model to one which assumes ... continue reading

New Pre-Integrated Apps Available in Azure AD | Sep 2019

As the number of applications you integrate with Azure AD grows, your need for tools to manage those apps grows with it. We’re super excited about the new usage and insights reports that we’ve recently made available for public preview ... continue reading

New Pre-Integrated Apps Available in Azure AD | July 2019

Last week we had the opportunity to engage with thousands of partners at Microsoft Inspire, our annual partner conference. We had the privilege to engage with several independent software vendors (ISVs) about deepening integrations with Azure AD so our joint ... continue reading
Privacy in the digital age

Privacy in the digital age

Today, we spend most of our time in the digital world and rely heavily on technology to get us through each day, with multiple devices connected to various networks. Because of this, privacy has become an important topic in Identity ... continue reading
The top deployment steps to secure your organization with Azure Active Directory

The top deployment steps to secure your organization with Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) can help you better safeguard and manage identities, but to maximize its benefits, it’s important to deploy it in the most secure way possible. The Microsoft 365 blog recently hosted a Top 10 security deployment ... continue reading
ICYMI – All the cool new ways Azure AD is helping you secure and manage access to your apps

ICYMI – All the cool new ways Azure AD is helping you secure and manage access to your apps

Hey folks, We often hear from our customers that in an effort to keep up with a demand for increased productivity and IT modernization, more and more organizations are faced with an avalanche of applications to manage for their users ... continue reading