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Zero Trust Assessment tool now live!

With such a large influx of employees working remotely, many of the traditional network-based security controls are unable to protect the organization. For many organizations, there are two options: route all remote traffic through a strained legacy network architecture, resulting ... continue reading

Secure access to all apps for your remote workforce

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations are turning to technology to help a remote workforce stay connected and productive. If you’re like most organizations, your employees use a lot of apps, from popular software-as-a-service (SaaS) apps—including collaboration services like ... continue reading

Empower Firstline Workers from Day One with enhanced identity and access management capabilities

Companies at the forefront of digital transformation recognize how critical it is to enable all of their people with the right technology and tools. That’s why in industries like retail, hospitality, and manufacturing, there’s a movement underway to digitally empower ... continue reading

Microsoft's Zero Trust journey

Traditional perimeter-based network security has proved insufficient because it assumes that if a user is inside the corporate perimeter, they can be trusted. This is exactly where Zero Trust comes in. Zero Trust is a security strategy that upends the ... continue reading

Assessing your Zero Trust readiness with the Microsoft Maturity Model

The traditional firewall (VPN security model) assumed you could establish a strong perimeter and then trust that activities within that perimeter were “safe.” As we digitally transform our companies, we need to transform our security model to one which assumes ... continue reading

New Pre-Integrated Apps Available in Azure AD | Sep 2019

As the number of applications you integrate with Azure AD grows, your need for tools to manage those apps grows with it. We’re super excited about the new usage and insights reports that we’ve recently made available for public preview ... continue reading

SANS recommends one simple action to take to block most attacks

Cyberattacks aren’t slowing down, and many attacks have been successful without the use of advanced technology. The SANS Software Security Institute recently released a new white paper on the next step to take to block attacks on your accounts, including common vulnerabilities related to ... continue reading

New Pre-Integrated Apps Available in Azure AD | July 2019

Last week we had the opportunity to engage with thousands of partners at Microsoft Inspire, our annual partner conference. We had the privilege to engage with several independent software vendors (ISVs) about deepening integrations with Azure AD so our joint ... continue reading
New Pre-Integrated Apps Available in Azure AD | June 2019

New Pre-Integrated Apps Available in Azure AD | June 2019

As we shared with you during //build last month, we recently reached a major milestone – we now have over 1 million active third party applications using our identity platform each month. From line of business applications to popular applications ... continue reading

Windows 10 is going passwordless.

With the latest version of Windows 10 being released, we have also introduced new features that help you go passwordless. Our team at Enterprise and Security talks about the latest features and give an overview of what’s new with Windows ... continue reading