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Monitor your Azure workload compliance with Azure Security Benchmark

The Azure Security Benchmark v1 was released in January 2020 and is being used by organizations to manage their security and compliance policies for their Azure workloads. We are pleased to share that you can now track and monitor your ... continue reading
Azure Security Foundations Benchmark Recommendations table

CIS Azure Security Foundations Benchmark open for comment

One of the best ways to speed up securing your cloud deployments is to focus on the most impactful security best practices. Best practices for securing any service begins with a fundamental understanding of cybersecurity risk and how to manage ... continue reading
5-step incident response process

Four operational practices Microsoft uses to secure the Azure platform

This is the fourth blog in a 4-part blog post series on how Microsoft Azure provides a secure foundation. Microsoft provides you with a secure foundation to host your infrastructure and applications. In the last blog in this series on ... continue reading