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Step-By-Step: Setting up AD FS and Enabling Single Sign-On to Office 365

This post will walk you through a typical highly available setup into Office 365. Ideally this server will be installed as virtual servers on multiple Hyper-V hosts. Think about redundancy, not only in the virtual servers, but in the Hyper-V ... continue reading
Enabling_Advanced_Security_Audit_Policy_via_DS Access_1.png

Step-By-Step: Enabling Advanced Security Audit Policy via Directory Services Access

Active directory is one of the more impactful services from a security perspective within an organization. Even small changes with in an Organization’s AD can cause a major business impact. Preventing any unauthorized access and unplanned changes in an AD ... continue reading

Step-By-Step: Manually Removing A Domain Controller Server

Use of DCPROMO is still the proper way to remove a DC server in an Active Directory infrastructure. The following video provides an example of these steps: Certain situations, such as server crash or failure of the DCPROMO option, require ... continue reading

Is IoT the latest Shadow IT Threat?

Remember the days when workers used to bring their own mobile device to work that did not meet the guidelines of said organization but found a way to connect it anyway? While troublesome, most times these devices would set off ... continue reading

Step-By-Step: Enabling Hyper-V for use on Windows 10

Virtualization provides a plethora of solutions from making the most of an organization’s hardware investment to running specific applications in other OS offerings. Windows 8 was the first Windows client operating system to include hardware virtualization support natively. Using the ... continue reading

MS Ignite Tips: Getting Connecting to IoT

Data is the new bacon. Truer words could not have been spoken in the age of Internet of Things and yet how do we as IT Professionals prepare? Or worse.... Are we even involved in the discussion? I have seen ... continue reading