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Accelerate your move to the cloud with new capabilities in Azure AD Domain Services

Accelerate your move to the cloud with new capabilities in Azure AD Domain Services

Howdy folks!  New capabilities in Azure Active Directory Domain Services will make it easier for you to move your legacy, on-premises apps to the cloud. The additional capabilities in our managed domain services solution include geo redundancy, faster sync, and ... continue reading
February identity updates – GA of Azure AD My Apps user-based collections and more

February identity updates – GA of Azure AD My Apps user-based collections and more

Howdy folks, I'm excited to share the latest Active Azure Directory news, including feature updates, support deprecation, and new capabilities that will streamline administrator, developer, and user experiences. These updates show our commitment to simplifying identity and access management, while ... continue reading

Decentralized digital identities and blockchain: The future as we see it

First published on February 12, 2018 Howdy folks, I hope you’ll find today’s post as interesting as I do. It’s a bit of brain candy and outlines an exciting vision for the future of digital identities. Over the last 12 ... continue reading

Strengthen your hybrid identity with these new Azure AD Connect releases

Howdy folks, We continue to hear from you that hybrid identity is as important as ever, even as more apps move to the cloud. In Azure AD, our key hybrid identity tool is Azure AD Connect. This comes in two ... continue reading

Upcoming changes to managing MFA methods for hybrid customers

Howdy folks! In November, I shared that we’re simplifying the MFA management experience to manage all authentication methods directly in Azure AD. This change has been successfully rolled out to cloud-only customers. To make this transition smooth for hybrid customers, ... continue reading

Empower your frontline workers with these Azure AD capabilities that just went GA

Howdy folks - (Cross-posting just to make sure you don't miss the big news.) Today we turned on the GA release of our new features for Frontline workers and Frontline managers. You can learn all about it over on the ... continue reading
Nicole, a marketing consultant to Woodgrove Bank, accesses Woodgrove resources by verifying her email address.

Collaborate with anyone in any organization with any email address!

Howdy folks, We’ve heard from you that interconnected supply and distribution chains, and vendor models are bringing B2B partners directly into your business, where secure and seamless collaboration is more important than ever. We also know how painful it can ... continue reading
User collections - My Apps.PNG

Empower your workforce with a personalized end-user app discovery experience

Howdy folks, We’ve heard from you over the years that while you’re always interested in capabilities that make your own IT experiences more seamless, you’re even more passionate about creating highly productive and secure experiences for your workforce. This is ... continue reading

Securely manage and autofill passwords across all your mobile devices with Microsoft Authenticator

Howdy folks, Today we are announcing the public preview of password management and autofill capability in the Microsoft Authenticator app. For any sites or apps you visit on your mobile device, Authenticator will help you autofill strong passwords without having ... continue reading

Azure AD Application Proxy now natively supports apps that use header-based authentication

Howdy folks, It’s awesome to hear from many of you that Azure AD Application Proxy helps you in providing secure remote access to critical on-premises applications and reducing load from existing VPN solutions. We’ve also heard about the need for ... continue reading