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Tracking Our Roadmaps with ProductPlan

In this episode learn how to create a product roadmap with ProductPlan, and integrate your roadmap with Azure DevOps. We show how you can easily import from Azure DevOps to create your roadmap, and save time by syncing progress and ... continue reading

Shifting Left: Testing in a DevOps world with SOFY

Trying to maintain both quality and speed is a real challenge, and testing methodologies can either aid or downshift the acceleration rapid application development. See how using right tools, continuous integration can address these challenges so that testing is no ... continue reading

DevOps with

Abel Wang is joined by Asaf Yigal to discuss streamline observability with's open source-based Cloud Observability platform. See how the platform unifies the best breed open source monitoring tools (Kibana, Grafana, and Jaeger) on a single pane of glass ... continue reading

Deploying to Azure with GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions lets you take code in your GitHub repository and add automation around it. You can create workflows that respond to issue comments, handle pull requests, or perform CI/CD on macOS, Windows and Linux. It's easy to create workflows ... continue reading

Azure DevOps Lab- Terraform using GitHub Actions

In this episode, Abel sits down again with April Edwards to talk about using GitHub Actions to deploy infrastructure using Terraform.April walks through the process of taking code that is already sitting in GitHub and deploying infrastructure by using Terraform, ... continue reading

Terraform and Azure DevOps – Delivering a continuous and automated deployment

In this episode, Abel sits down again with April Edwards to talk about using Terraform to provision infrastructure through pipelines with the help of Azure DevOpsBy using Azure DevOps and Terraform, we're able to simplify processes from build to deployment ... continue reading

Terraform Modules – deploying reusable code

In this episode, Abel sits down again with April Edwards to talk about Terraform Modules and how to deploy reusable and repeatable code. Testing code in multiple different environments can be difficult, particularly if those environments require several different variables ... continue reading