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ARM Series #12: Azure DevOps With ARM Templates

Learn how Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates to provision and Azure DevOps Pipelines and create a Continuous Integration Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline.Jump To:[00:50] Plan of this episode[01:43] Looking at the initial state[02:32] Looking at the Pipeline[09:20] Checking at the result, ... continue reading

ARM Series #11: GitHub Actions

Learn how to use GitHub Action with the power of Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates to create a Continuous Integration Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline.Learn More: Code SamplesAzure CLIInstall the Azure CLIService PrincipalCreating service principalLogging into azure cli with service principalDeploying ARM ... continue reading

ARM Series #10: Template for Resource X

The ARM templates are very powerful and useful, we can agree on that. However, something it could be hard to get started. In this tutorial you will learn tips and tricks to start from scratch with existing template or export ... continue reading

ARM Series #9: Loops

Learn Modules on building ARM templates with Pierre Roman and Abel Wang. Jump To: [01:00] Loops in ARM Templates intro[01:47] Copy function in a simple ARM Template[06:40] Deploying copies of resources in batches in serial mode[07:55] Deploying with an array of resource names[T09 :55] ... continue reading

ARM Series #8: Linked and Nested Templates

As ARM deployments become more complex, using linked and nested templates allow you to break these deployments down into smaller reusable components. In this session Neil will demonstrate how each of these works.Learn More: Code SamplesUsing linked and nested templates when ... continue reading