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Dropping the “Untrusted Font Blocking” setting

With the Windows 10 v1703 security configuration baseline, Microsoft is removing the recommendation to enable the “Untrusted Font Blocking” Group Policy setting in Computer Configuration | Administrative Templates | System | Mitigation Options. Windows 10 includes additional mitigations that make ... continue reading

Guidance on Disabling System Services on Windows Server 2016 with Desktop Experience

[Primary authors: Dan Simon and Nir Ben Zvi] The Windows operating system includes many system services that provide important functionality. Different services have different default startup policies: some are started by default (automatic), some when needed (manual) and some are ... continue reading

Security baseline for Windows 10 v1607 (“Anniversary edition”) and Windows Server 2016

Microsoft is pleased to announce the release of the security configuration baseline settings for Windows 10 version 1607, also known as “Anniversary edition” and internally as “Redstone 1”. The downloadable attachment to this blog post includes importable GPOs, tools for ... continue reading

The MSS settings

You can download the custom Administrative Template for the “MSS (Legacy)” settings here: MSS-legacy. Note that it is available only for “en-us” (US English). Explanation: Many years ago, before the advent of Trustworthy Computing, some Microsoft security experts identified about ... continue reading